Bats in the Band, Brian Lies

Bats in the Band - Brian Lies

Just an all-around fun read that's packed full of rhyming descriptions accurate to bat behavior but mixed with a fun fantasy about what a bat concert would be like.  My favorite thing about the text is how Brian Lies describes the various styles of music:

Next up, there's a country song--

some lonesome bat done someone wrong.

As the styles of music shift, the acrylic paintings also adjust in tone and color so that the rhyming lines and images combine to really give a feel for the the mood of that music. This book would be great for a music teacher wanting to talk about different musical genres or a science teacher wanting to talk about sound waves and chiroptera.


Of the books I've read this month, this is one of the most text heavy, with most pages featuring one 4-line stanza but some pages featuring up to two stanzas (8 lines) but since the text is fun to read, it doesn't feel overwhelming.